I’m truly in a parenting sweet spot these days.  I realized this a few weeks back, the day we finally got an honest-to-goodness snow day.  That morning, my three kids got their own breakfasts and then got all bundled up to play in the snow BY THEMSELVES (or helping each other).  It was glorious, especially because I had gone back to sleep after informing them of the snow day.  I awoke to hear their sweet voices asking, “Can we go outside to play in the snow now?  We’re ready!”

I am loving these days.  They take care of a lot of little things and what they need me to do, I don’t mind because I’m not doing every.single.little.thing for them.  I feel a lot free-er and less stressed in parenting them. They pretty much do what I ask them with minimal grumbling!  And, they still want to be with me and freely give hugs and kisses and cuddles.

I thought I would be so sad to leave the baby and toddler stage of parenting, and I admit I am wistful as I look back on those days.  But I’m finding much to look forward to as they become older kids, and that has me excited.