In an effort to be more social active, I’ve joined a volleyball league with a few of my neighbors.  One woman wanted to do it, and the rest of us said, “Sounds like fun!” and jumped on the bandwagon.

I didn’t really think this out very well before signing up.  I haven’t played volleyball since…middle school?  Still, I figured I’d pick it right back up and it would be okay.  Ha.

Our first practice was earlier this week,, and while I might not say the word brutal out loud to describe the experience, now that I’ve used that word, you’re probably thinking it.  I won’t dissuade you from those thoughts because it’s pretty much true.

In my mind, I thought I would be like this:

Author cuattovolley on Flickr

I don’t want to show you what I looked like in reality.  It wasn’t like that picture above, and it wasn’t pretty.

What was I thinking?  I’m not an athlete.  

No, really, I’m not.  

Tonight is our first game and I am not expecting great things.  

I’ll consider it a success if I don’t pee myself every time I squat down or jump up to reach the ball.