In my neverending quest to raise math geeks, Pi Day is recognized in the Wife and Mommy house!

Round foods will be served for dinner.  I haven’t decided what, exactly, but a pie will definitely be made.

pi pie

No, I did not make this pie. Nor do I think I could ever make a pie this lovely.

This afternoon, I told my friend that I needed to pick up the ingredients to bake a pie for Pi Day.  She stared at me as if I had three heads.  I am not a Pinterest crafty mom at all.  I refuse to do such things as invite an Elf on the Shelf around the holidays, nor do I perpetuate those leprechaun antics in my home.  My friends know this about me, which is why my proclamation of making a pie struck her as odd.  It is.  For me.

Guess I have to start somewhere…and the possibility of raising math geeks is a good reason to make a pie!