Yesterday, The Husband and I took The Crew to see How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular!

I’ve asked my family to tell me what they thought.  Here are their very words about the show:

BabyMuffin, age 4, who sat with his fingers in his ears most of the show:

Fighting dragons, that’s all.  I liked it.  Can we see it again?  My favorite part was when they were fighting dragons.  That’s all. And the Toothless part.  When they were flying.

Cupcake, age 6, who sat entranced, eyes glued to the stage:

Um, the Vikings when they were doing dragon school, training dragons, they were angry at Hiccup because he destroyed their fight because they stopped them from fighting.  My favorite part was when they saw the huge lava dragon.  I liked the show!!  A lot!!

Bito, age 8, who slumped in his chair the entire show and acted totally bored:

The machine dragons looked like real dragons almost.  And those dragons weren’t really flying, they were hanging on strings.  Favorite part?  When the dragons were hanging up and flying, Toothless was.  I liked the show, yeah.  But I don’t want to see it again.

The Husband, age 40-something, who spent most of his time holding BabyMuffin:

The dragons were very cleverly done and they succeeded in transferring the movie to life better than i thought they would.  Overall, it was a pretty good show, but wasn’t as good as a movie.  Still a fun afternoon!


There you have it, folks.  Straight from the mouths of my family.

The show runs in DC through Sunday afternoon, and then tours throughout the U.S.  Check out their schedule here.  And don’t forget you can buy a ticket for 25% off using a PROMO CODE: MOM.  The MOM code is valid for 25% off second price tier seats in EVERY market.


My family was given complimentary tickets to see the show.  And nobody freaked out!