The last time my heart was broken was in June of 1993.  The guy was my college boyfriend, Terry.  We’d been together for most of our junior year.  He was beautiful, he made me laugh, and he was going to be my husband.

So I thought.

On that day in June of 1993, Terry took me to The Mall in Washington.  Lying on the green grass, the blue sky above and the Washington Monument towering over us, Terry gently told me.  He’d changed his mind, he didn’t want to have a girlfriend, he wasn’t ready to be in a committed relationship.  As he spoke, he stared out over the monuments, avoiding eye contact with me.

My heart shattered.  Simply fell apart into a billion pieces.  I never thought this would happen…we were so blissfully happy.

So I thought.

Over the next few weeks, I discovered my face could produce an obscene amount of liquid. I had no idea I could cry until there was nothing left, yet tears still ran out of my eyes.

I could not imagine my life without Terry.  Who would I meet for dinner?  Would I need to find a new study partner?  My life had changed for the worst.

So I thought.

Time and distance heals.  Thank goodness for time and distance.  I can now honestly say that it was better that Terry ended things with me when he did.

When Terry came out of the closet in 1996, I wasn’t too shocked.  Surprised, but a lot of things made sense after he told me.  I actually felt a lot of relief…that it truly hadn’t be me.

These days, Terry is on my speed dial.  We talk a few times per month, and he is still beautiful, and he still makes me laugh.  I do not have to imagine my life without Terry because he is a part of it.  But…I am glad I am not married to him after all.


This post inspired by the book Lost Edens by Jamie Patterson.  This book was given to me for my online book club.  More posts inspired by the book can be found at From Left to Write.